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How to design a guitar pedal

In this five part series, watch as I design a guitar pedal from start to finish. I explain my whole approach and do many of the steps in real time with a project idea from scratch.

Alternate Dimension

Inspired by the classic dimension chorus sounds of the 80's, this modern take gives you much more flexibility over the rate, depth, and mix of the chorus. It also gives you the option of only one voice to act as a more typical chorus as well. Find out more here.


String Theory For Guitarists, Part 1

Learn about what makes the guitar string the single most important component of your instrument in the first installment in this multi-part series here



One of the easiest things to get lost on when it comes to science is what all those words mean. We break it down for you in our easy-to-read glossary.


T60 Reverberator

Build your own reverb without the expensive brick or digital components. If you have a handful of op amps and PT2399 chips, you're in business! Find it here.



A 5-loop, MIDI-controllable switcher that you can put together for under $50. Complete with BoM, build documents, code, and more. Just click here.


What to Expect

With any luck, Scientific Guitarist is unlike any guitar website you've frequented before. In addition to articles discussing guitar-related topics from the science side of things, you will find details of projects we've done, explanations of how things work, blog posts on guitar stuff, and so forth.

One thing that sets Scientific Guitarist apart is that we don't focus on hype, product reviews, click bait lessons, or excessive guitar wankery. You also won't find super awesome playing chops, I'm not going to lie. I spend so much of my time building guitars, effects, amps, and doing other guitar related things that actually playing the guitar is only a small percentage of my guitar activity. That has resulted in some pretty mediocre playing abilities. However, our goal is to be educational, informative, and entertaining, so hopefully that makes up for my sucky playing :).

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